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Lord, Give Me Eternal Life - Grade 8 Student Text A

Image of God

Edition: Paperback
Availability: - In Stock
ISBN: 9780898703405
Length: 102 pages
Code: IG8A:S-P
Retail Price: $11.95
Web Sale Price: $7.77
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Perform-a-text combines text and activity in one book. Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic Faith based on seven key concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace, Sacraments and Commandments. Stories from Scripture, lives of the saints and contemporary situations give students Catholic role models and examples of living the faith. The lessons are complimented by colorful illustrations.

THEME: Emphasizes Christ's living and active presence in the Church throughout it's history. The lives of saints and other persons of importance serve as focal points for the history of the Church. Emphasizes the sacraments as personal meetings with Jesus. The grace that comes to us through the sacraments gives us the power to live as images of God here on earth and someday in heaven.

SEQUENCE: Ch. 1-3: Pentecost; Peter; Stephen; Paul.
Ch. 4-5: The early Church--the Roman persecutions.
Ch. 6-7: The legalization of Christianity.
Ch. 8-10: The medieval and renaissance Church.
Ch. 11: Communion of Saints; Mary; Indulgences.
Ch. 12: Virtues; Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

AIM: To develop the idea of the Church as Christ's mystical body. To introduce the students to the history of the Church. To teach the students that we truly encounter the person of Jesus in the sacraments and that Jesus transforms us for the better through the grace of the sacraments.

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Confirmation: Spreading and Defending the Faith
Through Scripture, the documents of Vatican II, the teachings of Pope John Paul II, and the lives of the saints, candidates for Confirmation are prepared to spread and defend the faith by their words and actions. Activities in the student text include writing articles, conducting interview, researching lives of saints, and expressing the truth of the faith in an informed way. The teacher's guide help the catechist direct the students to see the Holy Spirit at work and to respond to His love in all areas of their lives: spiritual intellectual, moral, service to the Church and community, and more.
Features: Prayers, definitions, gifts of the Holy Spirit, apologetics, fruits of the Holy Spirit, vocations, Eucharist, Penance, virtues.

Keywords: Image of God, Lord, Give Me Eternal Life, Grade 8, Student Text A, Confirmation

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