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Anti-Abortionist at Large

How to Argue Intelligently about Abortion and Live to Tell About It

by Raymond Dennehy

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Dennehy, a professor of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco, has debated pro-abortionists with great success in hostile environments. This is his inspiring personal account of nearly four decades of debating abortion on radio, television, and university campuses.

“The most articulate and forceful voice in the United States to explain and critique the abortion question in all its ramifications is that of Professor Raymond Dennehy.”
—James V. Schall, S.J., Georgetown University

“If you thought that philosophical courage ended when Socrates drank the hemlock, read Ray Dennehy’s personal testament about how to debate abortion intelligently and live to tell about it. This book is a classic. This is more than a handbook about how to debate the abortion issue; it is a personal witness…”
—Peter Redpath, St. John’s University