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Father Brown: Vol. I and II

DVD: $69.95

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Volume 1
With a distinct twinkle behind his spectacles, actor Kenneth More brings G.K. Chesterton's beloved Father Brown to the screen in this classic British television series that includes seven full-length episodes. Father Brown has won legions of fans as much for his compassion as for his crime-solving.
Setting Fr. Brown in the 1920s, Chesterton played with the structure and elements of the detective genre, and these delightful screenplays with intricate plots convey all the charm, cleverness, and suspense of Chesterton's original stories.

Volume 2
Six more classic television tales, starring Kenneth More. Heaven help the murderer who crosses paths with G.K. Chesterton’s beloved detective, Father Brown. Seemingly distracted and even a bit dotty, the kindly priest always manages to confound criminals with his keen observations and inescapable logic. He prefers to go unnoticed, dismissed as irrelevant—until the moment of truth, when he unravels the most devious schemes.