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The Glory of Angels

by Edward Lucie-Smith

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A stunningly beautiful oversized art collection of magnificent masterpieces of our most sacred guardians, The Glory of Angels, begins by organizing angels by their closeness to God. Illustrations, short stories, and quotes from saints and theologians highlight the importance of guardian angels and archangels including Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Special features explore such topics as the use of music as the voice of angels, angels in lives of the saints and Biblical figures, angels and the last judgement. They explore how angels guide us by protecting and warning us of danger, healing and comforting us, and urging us to follow God’s path.

In-depth essays reveal the stories of fallen angels, angels in disguise, and angels who have fought for God. There are also inspiring accounts of those who have been visited by angels—Joan of Arc, St. Joseph, King Lear, William Blake, Daniel, Jacob—and how each eventually overcame his hardship with the help of an angel.

A full reference section is included in the back of the book, along with a visual glossary of images and illustrations describing each piece of art in detail and noting the name, date, location and artist.
Gloriously illustrated throughout with a gatefold cover that opens like church doors.

Edward Lucie-Smith is an internationally known art critic and historian who has published more than a hundred books, including a biography of Joan of Arc, a historical novel, and more than sixty books about art. He is regarded as the most prolific and widely published writer on art.

Sample images from the book: