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More Once Upon a Time Saints

by Ethel Pochocki

Paperback: $11.95 $10.16

Product Code: MOUTS-P ISBN: 9781883937348 Availability: In Stock

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Illustrated by Kathy Holbrook

Here are yet more of "those human and lovable people whose mysterious passion for God led them into preposterous escapades." Story-teller Ethel Pochocki follows up her book Once Upon a Time Saints and presents another collection of wildly distinctive saints - from Hyacinth to Zita to Longinus to Kentigern - and readers will again be charmed by the vivid immediacy of their settings. We find out what very real people they were, these saints who lived and breathed in a wold as hard, as wet, as hot, as enticing and as changeful as our own. Yet their heroism is all their own. Ethel Pochocki leads us through their adventures, joys and sorrows to the truly happy ending each one gained.

Ages 5 and up