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Why Catholics Are Right

by Michael Coren

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Columnist, television host, author, and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines four main aspects of Catholicism as they are encountered, understood, and more importantly, misunderstood, today. For some Catholicism is the only permanent, absolute body of truth, while for others it is the last permanent, absolute body that has to be opposed and stopped. Why Catholics Are Right opens with a discussion of the abuse scandal and the reality of what happened. Coren then traces Catholic history, with a discussion of the Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, and Galileo. He looks at Catholics and theology, explaining what and why Catholics believe what they do - Papal infallibility, immaculate conception, the Church rather than Bible alone. Finally, Coren outlines the pro-life position and why it is so important to Catholicism. In this challenging, provocative, and personal book, Michael Coren draws on history, politics, and theology to present the arguments for the truth of Roman Catholicism.

"Coren has written a case for the Catholic faith that is the rarest kind of book -- wonderfully readable, intellectually vigorous, and stylish in its force. His chapter on Church and history is worth the price alone; but the whole text is alive with fidelity, intelligence and the irony of our times, expressed with consummate skill. Highly recommended."
- Archbishop Charles J. Chaput