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Life Is Worth Living

Edition: Audio Talk on CD
Availability: - In Stock
ISBN: 9781570586811
Length: 18 CD's
Reader: Fulton Sheen
Code: LIWL-D
Retail Price: $59.95
Web Sale Price: $53.95
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50 talks on 18 CDs.

Does God know what it is to suffer? Why does he allow evil? Am I my brother’s keeper? Is prayer a dialogue? What does it take to heal the soul? Is life really worth living? In fifty powerful half-hour presentations from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, one of the best loved Catholic speakers of all time, you will discover that Christ and His Church have the answers to these questions and to all the difficult spiritual questions of life. Sheen was a brilliant teacher with the ability to relate complex concepts with great insight and wit that appealed to everyone from theological scholar to the average Catholic. No wonder his words are still as fresh and inspiring today, and continue to change the lives of thousands. This magnificent series is the most comprehensive explanation of the Catholic vision of life ever offered and every Catholic home in America should have a copy.
Digitally re-mastered with state-of-the-art technology, these recordings are the cleanest, best-sounding presentations by Fulton Sheen available anywhere.

Program Titles in this series:
1. The Anxiety of Life
2. The Unbearable Repartee
3. The Divine Invasion (Good and Evil)
4. Puppets or Men?
5. Line Up the Claimants (Good and Evil)
6. Eternity Claiming the Past (Truth)
7. The Earth’s Most Serious Wounds
8. My Four Writers
9. Love En-fleshed (Christ’s Divinity)
10. Does God Know What It Is to Suffer?
11. It Takes 3 to Make Love (Blessed Trinity)
12. Nature’s Solitary Boast (Mary)
13. Lengthening Shadows of the Cross Bar
14. By His Wounds We Are Healed
15. Beyond the Space Age (Ascension)
16. Something Too Deep for Words
17. The People of God (Body of Christ)
18. The Rock Man (Peter Vicar of Christ)
19. Authority and Infallibility
20. Freedom and License (Communism & the Church)
21. The Great Battle in Heaven
22. The World’s First Revelation (Original Sin)
23. How We Got That Way (Original Sin)
24. Leading a Double Life (Sanctifying Grace)
25. The Seven Rivers of Life (Sacraments)
26. The Twice Born (Baptism)
27. No Man is an Island (Confirmation)
28. Love’s Deepest Intimacy(Eucharist)
29. God’s Road Company (The Eucharist)
30. Drama with Three Acts (Mass)
31. Hurting the One We Love (Sin)
32. The Moment of Truth (Penance)
33. Psychoanalysis on its Knees
34. Healing the Gateways of the Soul
35. Men, Not Angels (Holy Orders)
36. The Five Tensions of Love (Marriage)
37. Our Love (Marriage)
38. Sex is a Mystery
39. Mutual Self-Giving & Self-Recovery (Birth Control)
40. For Better or for Worse (Marriage)
41. The Lovable Are Adorable
42. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? (Commandments)
43. Is Christianity Easy?
44. Ultimate in Computers(Death and Judgment)
45. Washing Our Baptismal Robes (Purgatory)
46. Heaven is Not So Far Away
47. The Hell There Is
48. The True Feminine Mystique (Mary)
49. Prayer is a Dialogue
50. World, Soul and Things

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