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Sex and the Marriage Covenant

A Basis for Morality

Edition: Paperback
Availability: - In Stock
ISBN: 9780898709735
Author: John Kippley
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Length: 432 pages
Code: SMC-P
Retail Price: $17.95
Web Sale Price: $15.26
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The thesis of this book is that God intends that sexual intercourse should be at least implicitly a renewal of the marriage covenant. From this it follows that the marriage covenant provides the criterion to evaluate the morality of every sexual act. Thus the title, Sex and the Marriage Covenant, is an appropriate description of the book’s contents. Marriage comes into being by a couple unreservedly entering God's covenant of marriage; contraceptive intercourse contradicts the very essence of the marriage covenant. From these considerations, Kippley developed the covenant theology of sexuality described in this book.

“I should say that my wife and I, while still Protestants, found the first edition of this work to be so luminous and compelling as to help change our minds on the matter of contraception.”
—Scott Hahn, Author, Rome Sweet Home

"A veritable mine of information, Sex and the Marriage Covenant is must reading for anyone concerned with marriage, sexuality, and the family."
—William E. May, Author, Marriage: The Rock on Which the Family is Built

John F. Kippley has been active in the family planning movement since 1968 and co-authored The Art of Natural Family Planning with his wife, Sheila.

"I met you guys [John and Sheila Kippley] at the elevator and then you were so kind to sign my copy of your book Sex and the Marriage Covenant. I just wanted to take the chance to thank you again for such a terrific job you both do, you are a truly inspiring couple for those of us younger single ones who hope one day to get married. Your ministry is truly a blessing of the Spirit not only for the Church, but for every human being, I think that book should be read by every high school kid. I think you should be required to read it before getting married! It was really amazing for me to get to meet you personally guys, I consider it a blessing! Keep up the good work!"

Sincerely, Rafael Piña,
Coming Home Network, Guadalajara, Mexico

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