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The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church

Edition: Paperback
Availability: - In Stock
ISBN: 9780761516040
Author: H. W. Crocker III
Length: 512 pages
Code: TPG-P
Retail Price: $19.95
Web Sale Price: $16.96
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Here at last is a Church history that’s written by a Catholic who’s proud of the Church. H.W. Crocker is not afraid to say—even in these dark days—that she has been a great force for good in the world. In this entertaining and informative book, he brings you the whole story of the Church’s grand march through the ages. Crocker recounts even the most ancient events and controversies with passion and intensity, making the history of the Church vividly alive and a joy to read. He clarifies numerous misunderstood Church teachings and forthrightly explains how some of the Church’s most criticized actions were actually wise and good for the faithful. If you love the Church, you'll love this brisk and winning introduction to her history—it will renew your gratitude to God for the Catholic Faith!

“Will strengthen the faith of Catholics and give others an exciting and complete account of the two millennia of the Catholic Church. Magnificent!”

—Ralph McInerny

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