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The Usual Suspects

Edition: Electronic Book Download
Author: Karl Keating
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The author of the perennial best-seller, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, presents here, not so much a sequel, as a supplement to the first groundbreaking work. In the first book, Keating gave a panoramic view of the attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians", highlighting prominent anti-Catholic individuals and organizations and discussing at length controverted doctrines. Here he presents snapshots, individualized portraits—some larger, some smaller—of arguments and people opposed to the Catholic faith.

"In The Usual Suspects, Karl Keating gives us a most unusual book. Through a series of careful examinations of arguments against the Church, Keating establishes the veracity and unfolds the sincerity of the Church in dialogue with those who would question both. For those who seek not only the roots but the responses to voices against the Faith, Keating's book is a treasure."
—John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York

"Karl Keating leaps once more into the breach with his characteristic clarity. He performs the knightly service of defensor fidei with vigor and just enough oomph to knock swords from hands while leaving the challenger himself unharmed and (one hopes) open to more reasonable conversation in the future. For us ordinary lay Catholics, Usual Suspects is just what the doctor ordered."
—Mark P. Shea, author, By What Authority?

"I was greatly helped in my own conversion to the Catholic Church by Karl Keating's first book, and now he has graced us again. As the nation's premier apologist, Karl Keating analyzes and explains a wide variety of apologetical issues. Karl's analysis of the opponents of the Catholic Church are both insightful and charitable."
—Stephen K. Ray, Author, Upon This Rock

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