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Vintage Sheen

Edition: Audio Talk on CD
Availability: - In Stock
Length: 13 CDs, 16 meditations
Code: VSHE-D
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In this powerful retreat, the great Fulton Sheen addresses the big question we all need to answer, "Who is Christ, and what is our response to Him?" He gives sixteen profound meditations on Christ the Priest, Victim and Lamb, Sin and Guilt, The Holy Spirit, Satan and Evil, Holy Mass, Our Lady and much more. Sheen shows how Christ so loved us that He suffered in mind, body, and spirit for our sins, and how the Drama of Redemption continues today.This is Sheen at his best, a retreat master who offers brilliant new insights into the eternal truths of our Catholic faith. 

Disc Breakdown:

1 - The Church and the World - Who Is Christ? Sheen offers his spiritual insight into eternal and immutable absolutes which affect the Church and the World.

2 - Christ, Priest and Victim - Reflections on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass wherein Christ interposed His Eternal Sacrifice between our sins and His Glory.

3 - Sin and Guilt - Ours is an age which denies sin: that abu5e of freedom which estranges us from God, our neighbor and ourselves. "Without the shedding of bIood, there is no remission of sin."

4 - Kenosis - Emptying - Christ so loved us that He suffered in Mind, Body and Spirit for our sins as if He had committed them Himself, emptying Himself, making Himself nothing, enduring "...the bitterness of separation to the last extremity of Golgotha."

5- The Daily Holy Hour - Archbishop Sheen offers a beautiful unfolding of the spiritual benefits of the Holy Hour.

6 - Continuing the Incarnation - The Incarnation of Our Lord and how Christ can be the center of our spirituality as we make our way through this world, this Drama of Redemption.

7 - Continuing Calvary - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a Drama of Redemption and why Christ Crucified must always be the center of our spirituality as we make our way through this world.

8 - Zealous Fools for Christ - Thoughts on the Priesthood and the ways to respond to St Paul's advice to become "Fools for Christ."

9 - The Holy Spirit - A look at the image of the Blessed Trinity and the work of the Holy Spirit within that Unity. How the Holy Spirit sanctifies the Mystical Body of Christ.

10 - The Church, The Body of Christ - The Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and the Victimhood which accompanies the Priesthood.

11 - Satin and Evil - Exposes the work of Satin in the world and the confusion which results. Evil exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

12 - Discipleship and Betrayal (Judas) - We reminded that Judas was a CHOSEN Apostle, but still he betrayed Our Lord with a kiss.

13 - The Woman I Love (Mary) Part I - The role of the Blessed Mother in our Salvation through the Passion of her Son and her role as Mother to all of us: "Woman, Behold thy son."

14 - The Woman I Love - Concluded - The Blessed Mother in our Salvation and her role as Mother to all of us: "Woman, Behold thy son."

15 - Betrayal and Forgiveness (Peter) - The Apostle Peter also denled Christ; but his sorrow and repentance led to Forgiveness and Sanctity, as contrasted with the betrayal of Judas and his lack of love.

16 - The Mass: Christ's Sacrifice - In the drama of Holy Mass we go back to Calvary in three acts - Offertory, Consecration, and Communion - and experience the continuation of the Priest-Victimhood of Christ. The conclusion of a magnificent series.

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