A Hand of Peace

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

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Pope Pius XII guided the Catholic Church through two tumultuous decades, firmly establishing himself as a champion of peace, and the moral voice of a world torn apart by war. However, shortly after his death in 1958, his heroic legacy has been called into question by some historians who claim that his alleged “silence” during the Nazi holocaust allowed Hitler to carry out his Final Solution against the Jews. Pope Pius XII protested vehemently the persecution of Jews. His was a prophecy in action, which saved the lives of countless victims of the neo-pagan Nazi reign of terror, rather than potentially counter-productive public statements.

A Hand of Peace: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust is an important contribution to the robust and timely debate that has arisen surrounding Pius’s wartime record. Featuring interviews with world renowned Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert; the Jesuit historian and postulator Fr. Peter Gumpel; author and ardent Pius defender Sr. Margherita Marchione, M.P.F., Ph.D., this gripping documentary explores the difficult choices Pius XII faced during the Second World War, and provides convincing proof that his bold, yet discreet, prophetic actions saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives and paved the way for a new era of Catholic-Jewish relations that have deepened over the past 50 years. Movie is shown in color.

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by David
on 3/4/2018
Good but could be better
This is good documentary on the the historic reality of the actions of Pius XII before and during the the second world war in regards to the Nazi holocaust.  I would give this DVD to others to educate them regarding this subject.

I do have some criticisms:
1.) Having read a little about this beforehand ,  this video is thin on information of all that was done at the Pope's behest for Jews outside of Rome,.  Providing more material on this would better explain all of the words of appreciation by Jews for Pius XII after the war was over.

2.)  I saw this same documentary several years ago and remembered other material that was good but seems to have been edited out of the current version.  

3.) There is a nearly ten minute verbose and undramatic redaction at the end of a priest giving a synopsis of the documentary plus other information on Pius XII.  It adds very little to the documentary.
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