Requests for Desk and Examination Copies of Ignatius Press books:

Examination Copies

Ignatius Press will provide examination copies at 20% off the retail price. Should the book(s) be adopted for the course, your payment will be refunded.

Please send all requests/inquiries to with the subject line "examination copy request".

Desk Copies

If a book has been adopted for a course, Ignatius Press will provide a free desk copy. The class must have a minimum of 10 students who will be purchasing the book.

When emailing your request, please include which course the book will be used for, the number of students enrolled and the name of the bookstore where students are directed to purchase the books (if available). Please note that we only ship desk copy requests to university/college addresses. Examination copies can be sent to personal addresses.

Please send all requests/inquiries to with the subject line "desk copy request".

Review Copies for publications

Ignatius Press will provide review copies for print publications.  We ask that once the review has been published, that you send a physical copy of the review for our records.  Send book requests to

Please send printed reviews to:

Ignatius Press
1348 10th Ave.
San Francisco, CA  94122

Instagram Review Copy Guidelines

  • Ignatius Press is happy to consider sending complementary review copies to people that have a significant following on Instagram. 
  • In general, we do not participate in sponsored/paid posts. 
  • In order to be considered for a review copy, the account needs to have at least 3,000 followers. Please send your media kit to for review. 
  • We ask that you feature the book along with a picture of the book cover, on both your main feed and in your stories, within 30 days of receiving it. Also, please cross-post in any other social media accounts that you have (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 
  • Please add these hashtags to your posts: #IgnatiusPress #Catholicbooks #Catholic 
  • Please tag @ignatius_press on your main feed and in stories. 
  • We will consider sharing your stories post of our book to @ignatius_press stories. Our Instagram account currently has over 70K followers. 

We will also consider sharing your post to our Facebook stories. Our Facebook account currently has 350K followers. 

As a general rule we do not send review copies to blogs or online publications; however please see our general guidelines here.