Be A Man!, Fr. Larry Richards, 14.95

Catherine of Siena, Sigrid Undset, $16.95

Chosen, Donna Steichen, $18.95

Dayspring, Harry Sylvester, $15.95

Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare, $12.95

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, $14.95

Leisure, Josef Pieper, $13.95

Max and Benedict, Jeanne Perego, $17.95

Maria, Pope Benedict XVI, $21.95

Marriage, William May, $14.95

Reason to Believe, Richard Purtill, $14.95

A Song for Nagasaki, Paul Glynn, $16.95

Socrates Meets Kant, Peter Kreeft, $15.95

Templars, Regine Pernoud, $14.95

Who Needs God?, Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, $14.95

Divine Mercy, Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD, $14.95

Good Day!, Paul Batura and Mike Huckabee, $27.95

Magnificat: Year for Priests Companion, Edited by Fr. Peter John Cameron, $3.95

Merchant of Venice Study Guide, $3.95

Uncle Tom's Cabin Study Guide, $3.95

The Scarlet and the Black, J.P. Gallagher, $14.95

The Saving Name of God the Son, Edited by Jean Ann Sharpe, $9.95

Splendors of the Magnificat, $24.95

From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again, Etienne Gilson, $16.95

Charity in Truth, Pope Benedict XVI, $14.95

My Golden Book of Saints, $9.95

My Golden Christmas Book, $9.95

Songs of Joy and Praise, $13.95

Boys Should Be Boys, Meg Meeker, $14.95

Led By Faith, Immaculee Ilibagiza, $14.95

Render Unto Caesar, Charles J. Chaput , $13.95

Go to Joseph, Richard Gilsdorf, $8.95

The Mystery of Joseph, Marie-Dominique Philippe, $14.95

The Grace of Ars, Frederick Miller, $15.95

International Theological Commission, Vol I, $39.95

International Theological Commission, Vol II
, $49.95