Witness of the Saints, Walsh, $34.95

24 Christmas Stories for Little Ones, Mullenhein et al, $14.99

An Extraordinary Friend, Bonnewijn, $9.99

Be Saints!, Benedict XVI, $14.95,

Enchiridion Symbolorum, Denzinger, $69.95

Mark, von Speyr, $31.95

Married Priests?, Cattaneo, $12.95

Modern Moral Problems, Smith, $18.95

Prayers Around the Crib, Levivier, $9.99

The Christmas Shepherds, Roche, $8.99,

The Complete Thinker, Ahlquist, $17.95

History of the Catholic Church, Hitchcock, $29.95

The Illustrated Miracles of Jesus, Kieffer & Ponsard, $14.99

The Price To Pay, Fadelle, $19.95

The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church, Kaczor, $17.95

The Will of God, Baker, $16.95

Christianity, Islam and Atheism, Kilpatrick, $24.95

YOUCAT ESPANOL, Schoenborn, $19.95

To Save a Thousand Souls, Brannen, $20.00

Blessed John Duns Scotus, Manelli, $5.00

Year of Faith Companion, $6.95

Knowing God, Sheed, $17.95

Hallowed Be This House, Howard, $14.95

A Noble Treason, Hanser, $17.95

Terrapin, Doran, $21.95

The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, Vol. 37 (Softcover), $24.95

The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, Vol. 37 (Hardcover), $39.95

On the Meaning of Sex, Budziszewski, $27.95

The Beautiful Lady, Mora, $16.95

Why Catholics Are Right, Coren, $17.95

Splendors of the Rosary, $19.95

Holy Family Coloring Book, Sotnik, $4.95

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In the Beginning Study Guide, $14.95

The Reason Series: What Science Says About God - Faculty Resource Manual, $17.95

The Reason Series: What Science Says About God - Student Workbook, $11.95

Jesus of Nazareth: His Infancy and Childhood, Benedict XVI, $20.00



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