1&2 Samuel, Hahn and Mitch, $11.95  

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy Study Guide, Flynn, $7.95

Bearing False Witness, Stark, $27.95

Catholics Confronting Hitler, Bartley, $17.95

Catholics in America, Shaw, $15.95

Catholicism: The Pivotal Players - Leader's Guide, $49.95

Catholicism: The Pivotal Players - Study Guide, $24.95

Champions of the Rosary, Calloway, $16.95 

Continental Ambitions, Starr, $34.95

A Daily Defense, Akin, $16.95

DOCAT, $19.95

DOCAT Study Guide, $8.95

The Fool of New York City, O'Brien, $21.95

General Escobar's War, Olaizola, $15.95

Guadalupe Mysteries, Gorny and Rosikon, $31.95

Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God - The Workbook, $14.95

The Heart of Holiness, Lauenstein, $15.95

Hope for the World, Burke and d'Alançon, $14.95

How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard, Griffin, $15.95

I Burned for Your Peace, Kreeft, $17.95

Last Testament, Benedict XVI with Seewald, $23.95

Mary of Nazareth, Hesemann, $19.95

Night's Bright Darkness, Read, $17.95

Numbering My Days, Heady, $16.95

A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary, $19.95 

Peter, Gray, $16.95

Pier Giorgio Frassati, Siccardi, $18.95

The Protestant's Dilemma, Rose, $14.95

A Psalter for Couples, Dumont, $24.95 

Regina Coeli, Morris, $24.95

A School of Prayer (softcover), Pope Benedict XVI, $16.95

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Daily Devotional, Meeker, $21.95

Three Kings, Ten Mysteries, Gorny and Rosikon, $21.95

The Time Before You Die, 2nd Ed., Beckett, $16.95

Vatican Council Notebooks: Volume Two, de Lubac, $29.95

The Wise Man from the West, Cronin, $17.95

Works of Love Are Works of Peace (softcover), Collopy, $19.95

Children's Books:

The Christmas Star, Roche, $6.99

A Gospel Advent Calendar, $10.99

A Missal for Toddlers, $10.99

Mother Teresa: The Smile of Calcutta, Grossetete and Chion, $14.99

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Bay and Beaudesson, $14.99

My Little Catechism, de Menthière and Vanvolsem, $14.99


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The Bible Stories: Kings and Prophets, $19.95

Book of Daniel, $12.95

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Catholicism: The Pivotal Players, $149.95 

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Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God, $49.95  

The Hidden Rebellion, $16.95

The Innocents, $29.95

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Liberating a Continent, $19.95

Miracles from Heaven, $30.05

My All American, $19.95

The Original Image of Divine Mercy, $19.95

Our God's Brother, $19.95 

Pietra Fitness: Gentle & Restoration, $19.95

Risen, $30.95

Saint John Neumann, $14.95

To Be a Pilgrim, $19.95

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Wonders of God's Creation, $29.95 

The Young Messiah, $29.95


Brother Francis Audio Drama, $59.95


Caroling at Ephesus, $17.95

Christmastime in New Orleans, $16.95

Color Me Classical, $19.95  

Eternal: The Best of Libera, $16.95 

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Holy Family with Grandparents 8 x 10, $34.95

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