PUBLISHED: by Eva Muntean


7 Secrets of Divine Mercy (Spanish Ed.), Flynn, $14.95

The Abolition of Woman, Nash, $17.95

Benedict XVI: His Life and Thought, Guerriero, $34.95

Benedictus: Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI, $19.95

Black and Pro-Life in America, Artigo, $19.95

A Bloody Habit: A Novel, Nicholson, $18.95

Building the Benedict Option, Libresco, $16.95

Calm in Chaos, Rutler, $17.95

The Catholic All Year Compendium, Tierney, $18.95

Catholic Bible Dictionary, Hahn, $45.00

A Catholic Introduction to the Bible, Bergsma & Pitre, $49.95

The Chaplet of Reparation: In Sinu Jesu, $8.95

Christian Married Love, Dennehy, $15.95

The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch, Pinault, $21.95

Doors in the Walls of the World, Kreeft, $15.95

The Eighth Arrow, Wetta, $17.95

The Evangelizing Parish, Arinze, $17.95

Faith and Politics, Ratzinger, $18.95

Father Miguel Pro: Mexican Martyr, $15.95

The Great Discovery, Ekman, $17.95

Jean de Brébeuf: Saint Among Hurons, Talbot, $18.95

Magnificat Holy Land Companion, $12.95

The Papacy, Ray and Walters, $15.95

The Poor Old Liberal Arts, Gannon, $16.95

To Raise the Fallen: Fr. Willie Doyle, S.J., Kenny, $17.95

Rethinking Mary in the New Testament, Sri, $17.95

Scalia Speaks, Scalia, $30.00

The Spirit of the Liturgy – Commemorative Edition, Ratzinger and Guardini, $24.95

Why Humanae Vitae Is Still Right, Smith, $19.95

YOUCAT Bible – Spanish, $24.95

You've Got This: The Hero Dad Within, Meeker, $16.95

Children's Books:

The Gospel Told by Animals, Delelis, $14.99

Mary Stories from the Bible, Grossetête, $15.99

My First Prayers for the Whole Year, Roche, $15.99

My Sunday Gospel Coloring Book, $14.99

Watch Over Me Little Angel, Mesnil,  $10.95


All Shall Be Well: Julian of Norwich, $14.95

Benedict XVI: The Pope Emeritus, $19.95

Connect (Kirk Cameron), $14.95

The Dating Project, $14.95

Father Stanley Rother: An Americam Martyr,  $14.95

Fatima: The Ultimate Mystery, $19.95

Forever My Girl, $14.95

God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness, $24.99

I Can Only Imagine, $22.99

In the Footsteps of Saint Patrick, $19.95

Lukas Storyteller – Episodes 1 & 2, $13.95

Marital Love & Responsible Parenthood, $19.95

The Mass: An Introduction, $19.95

Mendel: Father of Genetics, $14.95

Paul: Apostle of Christ, $25.95

Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist, $99.95

Saint Benedict of Nursia, $14.95

Saint Maria Soledad, $19.95

Saint Pedro Poveda, $19.95

Same Kind of Different as Me, $19.95

Samson, $24.95

The Star (animated), $19.95

St. Catherine of Siena, $14.95

They Might Be Saints: Martyrs of La Florida, $14.95

Unprotected, $19.95

VCAT Collection, $89.95

The Wild Goose, $74.95

The Woman, $14.95


The Bible Story of Christmas (Bing Crosby and Bonaventure Choir), $11.95

Evergreen (Audrey Assad),  $14.95

The Hearts of Jesus, Mary & Joseph at Ephesus, $17.95

(Andrea Bocelli),  $17.95