Fundamentals of the Faith

Essays in Christian Apologetics

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Kreeft considers all the fundamental elements of Christianity and Catholicism, explaining, defending and showing their relevance to our life and the world's yearnings. Here is a book to help you understand your faith more fully and to explain it to others more winningly.

Like every religion, this faith has three aspects, corresponding to the three parts of the soul and filling the innate needs of all three parts. Kreeft uses these three divisions as the basic outline for his Christian apologetics. First, every religion has some beliefs, whether expressed in creeds or not, something for the intellect to know. Second, every religion has some duty or deed, some practice of program, some moral or ethical code, something for the will to choose. Finally, every religion has some liturgy, some worship, some church, something for the body and the concrete imagination and the aesthetic sense to work at. Creed, Code and Cult; Words, Works and Worship, are a most useful way of outlining any religious faith, including the Catholic Faith of Christians.

"These essays were written for Catholics by a Catholic. But I believe that nearly everything I say here will be found by the orthodox Biblical Protestant reader to be his faith as well: That solid and substantial core that C.S. Lewis called "mere Christianity"
?Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, is one of the most respected and prolific Christian authors of our time. His many bestselling books cover a vast array of topics in spirituality, theology, and philosophy. They include Wisdom from the Psalms, Practical Theology, Doors in the Walls of the World, How to Be Holy, Because God Is Real, You Can Understand the Bible, Angels and Demons, Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing, and Summa of the Summa.


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by Charlie Schmidt
on 1/15/2019
Pollyanna would be glad to read this book
Fundamentals of the Faith by Peter Kreeft is an outstandingly good book.  It is clear, brief and full of wisdom.  This book is basically a series of Catholic apologetics essays that Catholic philosophy professor Peter Kreeft wrote for the National Catholic Register.  Peter Kreeft is a modern-day Thomas Aquinas who writes as clearly as a modern-day C S Lewis.  Kreeft has taught philosophy for more than 50 years at Boston College, so he is very knowledgeable about philosophy and religion.
There were several interesting points.  One is that just as for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, so there is a similar spiritual law that for every action a human takes, there is an equal and opposite reaction to his human soul.  Thus a man who does evil to another man, at the same time, does evil to his own soul.  
This book deals with the most important things in life – God, the purpose of life, morality, religion and other areas – and will inspire you with the dazzling wisdom.
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