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Canticle of the Sun

Saint Francis of Assisi

by Fiona French

Hardcover: $16.95 $3.00

Product Code: CASU-H ISBN: 9781586171643 Availability: In Stock

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The beloved hymn of Saint Francis of Assisi, The Canticle of the Sun, is one of the greatest songs of Christendom. In it he praises the Creator for all the glories of creation, especially “Brother Sun” and “Sister Moon”.

Inspired by Byzantine art, acclaimed artist Fiona French presents twelve mosaic tableaux that light up a sparkling translation of the canticle. The hymn is a beautiful poem, and a profound prayer, touching on the incredible beauty of God’s creation, but also the profound meaning and importance of how we give praise to God when we forgive.

These original mosaic illustrations by French are a dazzling celebration of God’s gift of life and all creation. Her splendid art combined with the beauty of the the hymn of St. Francis present a book that will be deeply inspiring for all ages. Illustrated in full color with gold accents.

Fiona French is the celebrated, award-winning artist of numerous art books, including her two Ignatius titles designed in classic stained-glass style, Easter and Bethlehem.

Sample images from Canticle of the Sun