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Wisdom from Above

The Epistle of St. James

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A 13-part expository Catholic Bible study on the Epistle of St. James featuring former Pentecostal minister, Deacon and author Alex Jones. Highly respected as a preacher of the Gospel before his conversion to Catholicism, the dynamic Deacon Jones today travels the world, inspiring Christians with his insightful and interactive teaching of the Bible. James, the first Bishop of Jerusalem, wrote this letter to Christians scattered throughout the world, and to us today, to provide us with practical and timely wisdom from above. The Epistle of James is a favorite of Christians today because of its directness, brevity, and practicality. In the face of trials, temptations and sufferings, James explains clearly how to live happily and successfully within the will and love of God. You will be engaged and enlightened by this series. 76 page Study Guide available as a PDF.

This is an All Regions DVD

This DVD contains the following language options: English

DISC A Contents
Lesson 1 - Trial and Temptation
Lesson 2 - Poverty and Riches
Lesson 3 - Wisdom From Above
Lesson 4 - 'Wisdom' From Below
Lesson 5 - Hearing and Doing The Word
Lesson 6 - Warning Against Partiality

DISC B Contents
Lesson 7 - Faith and Works
Lesson 8 - The Tongue
Lesson 9 - Friendship With The World
Lesson 10 - Judging and Correcting
Lesson 11 - Warning Against Boasting
Lesson 12 - Patience and Humility
Lesson 13 - Prayer and Confession