Instructions for Streaming Ignatius Press Instant Videos


About Ignatius Press Streaming Videos:

  • The films are for rental only; you will have 7 days from date of purchase to watch a film. You can watch it as many times as you like in the 7 day window.
  • You must have an Ignatius Press account to buy and watch streaming videos.
  • You can login to your account to get to a link of the film and to see how many days are left.
  • You can start a film in the middle using the location slider on the video control, but it will not remember where you left off if you close the page.
  • There are no refunds after purchase.

How to create an Ignatius Press account:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Click here to register"
  • Fill in all the information under "Create your site user profile"
  • You will need to create a username (6 character minimum) and password (5 character minimum); keep this information in a safe place so that you can access your account again

How to Watch Ignatius Press Streaming Videos:

  • Choose a film available for streaming here:
  • Select a film and click on "Add to Cart"
  • If you are not logged in, select "Login for Express Checkout" of "Create an Account" below your cart listing, and follow the instructions. You will be brought back to the cart when done
  • Review your order and verify it is correct. Then review the Terms and Conditions and check the box next to "I have read the Terms and Conditions" below your cart listing
  • Click the "Checkout" button below your cart listing
  • Enter the requested information under "Payment" and click "Submit"
  • When your order is confirmed, you have a few options to watch your film:
  1. On the order confirmation page, click "Watch Now".
  2. Login to your account and find the "Digital Downloads & Streaming" header on your account page, and click it to expand. Click the "Watch Now" button. Here you will also be able to see how many days are left until the film expires.
  3. Login to your account and search for the streaming film you purchased. On the product page, click the "Watch Now" button.
  4. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email about your order (be sure to check your spam folder). This email will contain a link for your streaming video product. Click on the link to begin streaming.
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