Two Great Magazines Every Catholic Should Read!


Catholic World Report is an online news magazine that tells the story from an orthodox Catholic perspective. After more than 20 years as the leading Catholic journal of news, analysis, and commentary, CWR moved its content entirely online, free to all readers without a subscription, in January 2012.

CWR provides full coverage of the news and events affecting the Church around the world, asking questions and examining issues the mainstream media avoids. It features interviews with important Church leaders as well as a comprehensive look at topics ranging from bioethics and life issues to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Asia, from the latest vocation news around the world to the ongoing culture wars in the United States.


Homiletic & Pastoral Review is America’s leading pastoral magazine for Catholic priests. Founded more than 100 years ago, HPR is one of the most well-respected pastoral magazines in the world, and has been a source of inspiration, information, and encouragement for priests, deacons, seminarians, and laymen for decades.

Homiletic & Pastoral Review doesn’t bend and sway with every passing fad. Built on the solid foundation of the Catholic Church, it espouses the timeless truths of faith that never change. In the pages of HPR you will find stimulating homilies for Sundays and Holy Days by today's outstanding preachers, as well as inspiring and informative articles by great Catholic writers such as James V. Schall, S.J., Fr. Frank Pavone, Fr. John Harvey, Dr. Donald DeMarco, Fr. Regis Scanlon, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, Dr. Paul Vitz, and Kenneth Whitehead.

Each issue of HPR also includes a popular Q&A column by respected theologian and author Brian T. Mullady, O.P., as well as a powerful and thought-provoking editorial from Editor Emeritus Kenneth Baker, S.J.

CWR and HPR are no longer taking print subscriptions or renewals. New online content is available at and

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