Employee Pick of the Week

May 15th, 2012 marked the debut of the Ignatius Press "Employee Pick of the Week" program which features savings of 40% off a book, movie, or compact disc personally chosen and recommended by an Ignatius Press employee.

Each week, an Ignatius Press employee will select a favorite book, movie, or other Ignatius Press product and will write a few sentences about why he/she thinks customers will enjoy the particular selection. The item will be on sale for 40% off the regular price for a week, and then a new item will be selected by another employee. A short bio of the selecting employee will also be included, giving customers a chance to learn a bit more about the people who are Ignatius Press.  

Previous Employee Pick of Week:

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.

Mark Brumley

Carl Olson

Anthony Ryan

Penelope Boldrick

Neil McCaffrey 

Alison Faulkner

Vanessa Dekkers

John Herreid

Jack Gergurich

Lynn Klika

Vivian Dudro

Gene McCaffrey

Meryl Amland

Enrique Aguilar

Megan Bless

Tessa Bowman

Roxanne Lum

Carolyn Lemon

Diane Hanson

Glenn Dudro

Terese Dutscheck 

Rose Trabbic

Mike Amparan

Lisa Becerra

Dan Nicholls

Eva Muntean

Catherine Harmon

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