Riz Marsella

Creative Director

Riz at the Trinity fundraiser in Napa.

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Working for Ignatius Press is one of the most challenging and fun jobs I have ever had.  When I first came to interview with Father Fessio over 12 years ago, I thought I would only help in the advertising department.  But now, I also design about a dozen book covers a year. My first experience with magazine layout and logotype design came when Father Fessio decided to publish Catholic World Report magazine.

Since then, I have also been involved with the magazine design of Catholic Dossier and Catholic Faith.  If you have never read these magazines, you are missing a lot!!!  When I want to get a world view of current events with a Catholic perspective, I pick up my latest copy of Catholic World Report.  I love reading the letters to the editor, because I can deduce from the letters that come from all over the world that the Catholic Church is alive and well!

Currently, I am designing a stained glass window which is making me very crazy yet happy.  No, I do not have any experience in this field.  It is a daunting task but with the inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I hope this project turns out well.

Riz's Top 12 Favorite Book Covers:

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