Diane Hanson

Special Events Coordinator

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I absolutely love my work with Ignatius Press! And there are many reasons for that.

First of all, the staff is the absolute best! Working with such faith-filled, dedicated, joyful people is a definite plus.

And then there are all of you, our customers. Communicating with so many of you by phone or e-mail across the United States and Canada is a total delight for me. I have learned and continue to learn so much about you, your families, your parishes and schools, your love of the Catholic Faith, and your eagerness to be of service in reaching out, evangelizing, and catechizing. You have been instrumental in doing all of that by participating in our Ignatius Night at the Movies program or hosting our Ignatius Press Catholic Book & Film Fair (a.k.a. "I’m Dreaming of a Catholic Christmas" in the fall).

And then, of course, knowing that the Holy Spirit is working through your efforts and ours, providing these wonderful Ignatius products to so many – well that brings great satisfaction!

When I talk with all of you, I’m at my office in Canton, Michigan, in the Eastern Time zone, so I try not to return calls too early for you Westerners! But don’t worry about calling me – I’m up early and I sometimes work in the evening too.

My husband, Bart, and I have six grown children (born less than nine years apart) who mostly live very close to us, so we get together often – always chaotic and fun. All six are married, so we count our wonderful in-law children as ours too! We have been blessed with seven grandsons and four granddaughters so far with one grandson on the way. That will make 12 children and 12 grandchildren – and no, they are not cheaper by the dozen!

I’m not going to tell you which Ignatius books and movies are my favorites because that is constantly changing! I watch many Ignatius films and read many Ignatius books and continue to learn much and enjoy them all!

Please stay in touch – I always enjoy hearing from you!

You can call me toll free at 866-431-1531 ext. 5; direct at 734-455-1973; or e-mail me –

                                         My husband, Bart, and me.

                       Our family of 12 children and 11 grandchildren.

                                      11 grandchildren and counting!

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