Thank you for your interest in sharing excerpts of works published by Ignatius Press.

We are happy to consider your request to reprint pages of our work on a case by case basis. To submit your request for consideration, please send an email to Laura Peredo at with the following information:

  • Ignatius Press Title
  • Ignatius Press Author
  • Number of pages excerpted
  • Number of pages in your book
  • Initial print run estimate
  • List Price

Please note that we consider most excerpts under 500 words to fall under fair use. However, we ask that you ensure permission before releasing your work. Fees may apply. In all cases, we ask that you acknowledge Ignatius Press as the original publisher of the book in the front matter of your work with a link to our website where the product can be ordered.

For more information, and to submit your request, email Thank you!