G.K. Chesterton on Saints Francis and Thomas

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Actor and professor John "Chuck" Chalberg, who has been performing as G.K. Chesterton on stage and TV for over twenty years, gives the best of Chesterton's two superb biographies of St. Francis and St. Thomas. His biographies on these two saints have been acclaimed as some of the best ever written. Chesterton thought that every age has needed the saint that contradicts it most. Ours is an age awash in feelings and sentimentality; hence the need for St. Thomas, a man of Faith and reason. Ours is also an age in which environmentalism has become a religion; hence the need for St. Francis, a man of Faith who understood that "nature" was our sister, not our mother. A fun, inspiring and insightful presentation of two of the most popular, and quite different, saints in history.

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