C.S. Lewis

The Man Who Created Narnia

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Michael Coren, an expert on the life ; and writings of Lewis, ; presents an engrossing biography for young people and ; adults of the man "who created Narnia". Following the ; publicity of the first of several theatrical major feature ; films from Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, this ; biography, lavishly illustrated with numerous photos from ; the whole life of Lewis, is written in a captivating way ; that it will appeal to all ages, youth and adults alike.

; Starting with "Beginnings", Coren tells of the fascinating ; details of the childhood and youth of Lewis, one that was, ; in Lewis's own words full of "long corridors, attics ; explored in solitude, sunlit rooms and endless books". It ; continues with his studies at Oxford, his subsequent ; celebrated teaching career at Oxford, his wonderful ; friendships with other great writers like J.R.R. Tolkien, ; Charles Williams, and George Sayer, his meeting and ; marriage with Joy Davidman, and how he dealt with the ; sorrow of her death.

The book especially focuses on how ; Lewis created his wonderful Narnia tales which became seven ; books that resulted in perhaps the most widely read set of ; children's Christian allegories, The Chronicles of ; Narnia.

Michael Coren

Michael Coren is a well-known radio and television broadcaster in Toronto as well as a syndicated columnist. He has also written biographies on J.R.R. Tolkien, Chesterton, H.G. Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle.


" Serious and thoughtful. Immensely readable."
Kirkus Reviews

"Riveting, insightful, well-researched. Coren is to be commended for bringing his skills as biographer and as a superb story-teller to this subject."
Ottawa Citizen

"A book for all readers. Coren brings Lewis to life in a study which should send adults and children scurrying to bookshelves."
London Fress Press