The Porn Myth

Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography

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The Porn Myth is a non- religious response to the commonly held belief that pornography is a harmless or even beneficial pastime. Author Matt Fradd draws on the experience of porn performers and users, and the expertise of neurologists, sociologists, and psychologists to demonstrate that pornography is destructive to individuals, relationships, and society. He provides insightful arguments, supported by the latest scientific research, to discredit the fanciful claims used to defend and promote pornography.

This book explains the neurological reasons porn is addictive, helps individuals learn how to be free of porn, and offers real help to the parents and the spouses of porn users. Because recent research on pornography's harmful effects on the brain validates the experiences of countless porn users, there is a growing wave of passionate individuals trying to change the pro-porn cultural norm-by inspiring others to pursue real love and to avoid its hollow counterfeit.

Matt Fradd and this book are part of that movement, which is aiding the many men and women who are seeking a love untainted by warped perceptions of intimacy and rejecting the influence of porn in their lives.

Matthew Fradd

Matt Fradd is a best-selling author and popular speaker. He earned his master’s and undergraduate degrees in philosophy from Holy Apostles College. His podcasts, Love People Use Things and Pints With Aquinas are listened to by tens of thousands of people every month. Matt lives with his wife, Cameron, and their children in the mountains of North Georgia.




"I love how Matt has put the decision of whether porn is empowering to women squarely in the readers' hands, by providing an unbiased view of relevant information from multiple sources."
Crissy Moran, Former Porn Performer

p>"More than a book, The Porn Myth is an invitation—a timely and clear invitation to love more purely, connect with others more authentically, and experience joy more fully."
Jill Manning, PhD, LMFT, Author, What's the Big Deal about Pornography: A Guide for the Internet Generation

p>"One of the most compelling ways to engage the culture on pornography is to meet it on the field of scientific research with level-headed arguments. Matt Fradd does this, laying out a framework for exposing the negative impact of pornography and rethinking our passive consumption of digital sexuality."
William Struthers, PhD, Author, Wired for Intimacy

"Matt Fradd provides insightful arguments, with the latest research, on nearly every subject relevant to porn—from the dangers of the porn industry to the negative effects porn has on the brain. He equips you to discuss the real harm of pornography and to dispel its myths."
Dawn Hawkins, Vice President and Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

p>"You will want to obtain at least three copies of The Porn Myth—one for you, one for your favorite minister or counselor, and one to keep on hand to give others."
Ron DeHaas, Founder and CEO, Covenant Eyes

p>"The Porn Myth can help you to separate the myths from the facts about porn and to reclaim real love. It counters the falsehoods that have helped to spread porn addiction and sexual dysfunction, and inspires us to take action against them."
Clay Olsen, CEO and Cofounder, Fight the New Drug

"Matt Fradd does a great job of debunking the myth that porn is harmless and even healthy. For winning a debate—or more importantly, a heart—over the problem of porn, this book is indispensable."
— Jason Evert, Author, Pure Manhood

p>The Porn Myth is an important book that brings clarity to one of the most important issues of our time."
Jennifer Fulwiler, Radio Host, The Jennifer Fulwiler Show

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