The Resurrection

Experience Life in the Risen Christ

By (Author): Fabrice Hadjadj
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A must-read for anyone who wants to experience the Kingdom of Heaven through daily living.

  • Twelve profound and sometimes playful reflections on Jesus’ appearances after his resurrection that show us how to embrace life by walking in the light of the Resurrection
  • Through his focus on the Resurrection, Hadjadj brings new appreciation for our relationships with others, service, food, money, Scripture, mercy, faith, love, and more.
  • An ideal gift for Catholics and all who wish to understand the mystery of the Resurrection.
  • Foreword by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, o.f.m. cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Fabrice Hadjadj

Two-time winner of the prestigious European Religious Literature Award, member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and a convert from a Jewish atheistic background, Fabrice Hadjadj is considered one of the most brilliant Catholic thinkers of our time.

"Fabrice Hadjadj is one of the finest Catholic minds in decades."
Charles J. Chaput, o.f.m. cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

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