Transformation in Christ

On the Christian Attitude

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  • Publication date: June 12, 2001
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    Spiritual Growth
Recognized as a modern spiritual classic and perhaps Dietrich von Hildebrand's greatest work, this sublime and practical study gives a penetrating analysis of the true path to holiness for those who love Christ. The first requisite is the person's desire for change, and with that fundamental attitude in mind, von Hildebrand devotes a chapter to each of the successive spiritual attitudes necessary for those who strive for Christian perfection. The Beatitudes are treated with beauty and depth in an uncompromising challenge to every serious Christian to put into practice these teachings of Christ.

"A magnificent treatise by a distinguished philosopher on the pursuit of spiritual perfection."
ùPublishers Weekly

"A major contribution to the only important question: the transformation of our soul in Christ."
ùArchbishop Fulton Sheen

"A masterpiece of modern spirituality: eminently practical and highly recommended."
ùFr. John Hardon, S.J.

"A solid and penetrating analysis of the Christian virtues, and their application in the struggle toward Christian perfection."
ùLibrary Journal