Ungodly Rage

The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism

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Written by a Catholic journalist who has investigated feminism on its own ground, this remarkable book fully exposes the hidden face of Catholic feminism for the first time, revealing its theoretical and psychological roots in loss of faith. Extensively documented, this is the definitive account of a movement impelled by vengeful rage to revolt against all spiritual authority, providing detailed information on Catholic feminist theologians, organizers, the movement's defense of abortion, its connections with witchcraft and New Age rituals, and its disastrous effects on the Catholic faithful.

This book should be welcomed by Catholic men and women striving to understand the disarray in the Church, and what can be done about it.

Donna Steichen

Donna Steichen is a longtime investigative journalist who has written numerous articles in various Catholic publications. She is the author of two other books published by Ignatius Press, Ungodly Rage and Prodigal Daughters.

"Donna Steichen leaves no doubt that the 'Catholic' feminists, mostly nuns, who control much of what is presented to the laity as official episcopal teaching, now actually practice, in Cardinal Ratzinger's words, 'another religion'—goddess religion, witchcraft. Her documentation of what the Bishops' salaried feminists are up to, with the Bishops' knowledge, is so massive and firsthand that I am forced to accept the truth of her expose. Shocking though her indictment is, Steichen's tone throughout is calm, non-pejorative, genuinely Catholic. A ground-breaking achievement."
— Anne Roche Muggeridge, Author, The Desolate City

"Donna Steichen's penetrating account, based on hours of personal interviews and attendance at feminist gatherings, sounds a necessary alarm. It should be read attentively by all who are concerned about or responsible for the religious welfare of others."
— Helen Hull Hitchcock, Women for Faith and Family

"Steichen's zealous research has produced this incisive critique indispensable for all Catholics confronted or puzzled by this destructive movement."
— Ronda Chervin, Consultant to U. S. Bishops Pastoral on Women's Concerns

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