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Our world today is obsessed with outward signs of achievement. From magazines and music to movies and social media, a man's success and strength are often correlated with how much money he has, how famous he is, how athletic he is, and how often he has sex. For teenage boys, the idea that there may be another way to be a real man is rarely, if ever, presented.

Deep down, young men want to be strong, capable, and responsible, and find loving and giving relationships. They want to be admired for who they are and not what they possess. In short, they want to be great. Sadly, many young men haven't had someone to teach them how to achieve that goal they desire.

It's time our teenage boys learn how real men live. Based in biblical teaching and godly principles, this study will help them become not just become adults, but real men, men of greatness. True Strength contains relevant content presented in a dynamic video format with speakers who know how to communicate effectively to young men.

Studies 1-4:

    1. The Heart of a Man
    2. Strength and Discipline
    3. Every Man's Battle
    4. Band of Brothers

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