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Cosmic Origins Standard Package

Edition: DVD
Availability: - In Stock
Code: COSP-X
Retail Price: $199.00
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Has science really disproven the existence of God?
That's what many non-believers and other modern atheists say!

But it's not true. For generations, science has simply ignored the concept of creation because doing otherwise would raise the question ... of a creator.

Now, an exciting new film is available for parishes, schools, and other organizations which looks at compelling evidence for God. Cosmic Origins is a fascinating look at our universe and who created it.

Exclusive screenings for your group are only available for a limited time.

Cosmic Origins tells a vital and important message for your parish or school

4 Essential Reasons to Host a Screening:

1. More effectively defend the Faith. Cosmic Origins gives you effective tools to explain our belief in a creator

2. Help people understand the true nature and scope of our universe. Cosmic Origins features world-renowned scientists explaining our universe and its creation in easy-to-understand terms

3. Plant the seeds with those who are new to the Catholic Faith. RCIA teachers will find Cosmic Origins helpful in explaining how our universe is the result of a transcendent creator

4. Help to capitalize on interest in space and astronomy. Cosmic Origins is an outstanding companion for those introducing others to the wonders of the night sky - scout troops, students, families and the general public

Via modern technology, bring renowned theologian and philosopher Fr. Robert Spitzer, physicist Stephen Barr, scientist Lisa Randall, Nobel laureate Arno Penzias, Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich, NASA scientist Jennifer Wiseman, and Templeton Prize winners John Polkinghorne and Michael Heller into your parish or school through an exclusive screening of Cosmic Origins.

The Cosmic Origins Standard Package includes:

License to show film for 1-year and 10 DVDs to sell or give away.

How can I use Cosmic Origins?

  • As an educational tool - show Cosmic Origins in the classroom or during group meetings
  • As a parish or school screening event - invite your whole parish to see the film Cosmic Origins on a big screen
  • As a tool of evangelization - give away copies of the film to your parish or school as part of other events promoting the faith.
  • As a fundraiser - schedule a screening and sell copies of the film before it's available to the general public
  • Throw a star party - show Cosmic Origins, followed by a chance for folks to look at the night sky through telescopes
  • Affordable packes are available from churches, schools and groups of all sizes
  • This is the ONLY PLACE anyone can obtain the DVD BEFORE its official release

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