Christianity and Democracy 2nd Edition, Maritain, $17.95

The True Icon, Badde, $22.95

Shadows and Images, Trevor, $16.95

Saints Are Not Sad, Sheed, $19.95

When Hitler Took Austria, von Schuschnigg, $24.95

We Have Found Mercy, Schoenborn, $14.95

Thomist Realism and The Critique of Knowledge, Gilson, $18.95

Saint Helena and the True Cross, de Wohl, $9.95

My Brother the Pope, Ratzinger, $24.95

Life Out Of Death, von Balthasar, $11.95

Holy Men and Women Of the Middle Ages and Beyond, Benedict XVI, $16.95

Fundamental Speeches from Five Decades, Ratzinger, $22.95

Benedict XVI's Reform, Bux, $14.95

Adam and Eve After the Pill, Eberstadt, $19.95

My First Catechism, Pedotti, $12.99

The Illustrated Parables of Jesus, Kieffer & Ponsard, $14.99

My First Pictures of Jesus, Roche, $6.99

My First Pictures of Easter, Roche, $6.99

Exodus (Ignatius Study Bible), Hahn & Mitch, $9.95

Indivisible, Richards & Robison, $21.99

10 Habits of Happy Mothers, Meeker, $14.95

Our Lady of Guadalupe: A Pop-Up Book, $22.95

The Voice of the Church at Prayer, Lang, $17.95

Choirs of Angels, Sotnik, $4.95

A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens, $11.95

Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, $5.95

Dracula, Stoker, $11.95

Loss and Gain, Newman, $9.95

The Red Badge of Courage, Crane, $7.95

The Consolation of Philosophy, Boethius, $7.95

The Gospel of John, 2nd Ed.(Ignatius Catholic Study Bible), Hahn, $9.95

The Gospel According to Mark, 2nd Ed. (Ignatius Catholic Study Bible), Hahn, $9.95

What Your Money Means, Hanna, $21.95

Saints and Heroes, Pochocki, $15.95

Letters to Gabriel, Santorum, $12.95

Divine Love Made Flesh, Burke, $21.95

The Debate Since Roe, Conlon, $14.95

Daily Roman Missal - Bonded Black Leather, $75.00

Daily Roman Missal - Bonded Burgundy Leather, $75.00

Daily Roman Missal - Genuine Black Leather, $95.00

Church in Crisis, Tripole, $39.95

The Presence of Christ in the Church, Welch, $26.95

Real Love, 2nd Edition, Bonacci, $15.95

Vision Series Set: 29 Titles, $190.00

Theophilos (paperback), O'Brien, $17.95

Faith and Life Family Guide Volume A, $24.95

Faith and Life Family Guide Volume B, $24.95

Why Catholicism Matters, Donohue, $22.99

The Beauty of the Word, Esolen, $24.95

For Greater Glory, Quezada, $12.95

Cristiada, Quezada, $12.95 

Jesus Shock, Kreeft, $17.00

Lord of the World, Benson, $18.00

Morality, Pinckaers, $12.00

Saints and Their Symbols, Giorgi, $19.95

33 Days to Morning Glory, Gaitley, $14.95

The Confessions: Saint Augustine of Hippo, $14.95

Autobiography of a Hunted Priest, Gerard, $16.95

Fatima for Today (paperback), Apostoli, $16.95

Praying with Saint Luke's Gospel, Cameron, $12.95

Heresy, Coren, $26.99

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: The 30-Day Challenge, Meeker, $14.95

21 Ways to Worship, Flynn,  $14.95

To Save a Thousand Souls, Brannen, $20.00


Classically Catholic Memory Series

Teacher's Manual
Alpha Year, 338 pages, $35.95
Beta Year, 320 pages, $35.95

Student Text
Alpha Year, 246 pages, $31.95
Beta Year, 246 pages, $31.95

Maps and Stickers
Alpha, $24.95
Beta, $24.95

3 CD set
Alpha Year, 3 CDs, $19.95
Beta Year, $19.95

Timeline cards, 144 cards, $24.95

CCM Complete Set
Alpha, $119.95
Beta, $119.95

CCM Basic Set
Alpha, $99.95
Beta, $99.95




There Be Dragons (Blu-Ray), $19.95

There Be Dragons, $19.95

Courageous (Blu-Ray), $26.95

Courageous, $19.95

The Mighty Macs, $19.95

Fireproof (Blu-Ray), $19.95

A Third Testament, $29.95

The Intelligent Design Collection, $29.95

Life After Abortion, $19.95

Metamorphosis, $16.95

Metamorphosis (Blu-Ray) $27.95

The Testament of Mother Teresa, $19.95

The Left Hand of God, $22.95

Life is Beautiful, $14.95

Life is Beautiful (Blu-Ray) $16.95

The Pistol, $14.95 

A Voice for Life, $19.95

Bernadette and The Passion of Bernadette Duo Pack, $34.00

The Last Things, $14.95

The Way, $14.95

The Way (Blu-Ray), $20.95

The Vatican: A Hidden World, $19.95

God's Mighty Servant, $24.95

Don Bosco: Special Edition, $24.95

Jacques Maritain, $19.95

Buck, $24.95

The War of Vendee, $19.95

Seven Days in Utopia, $28.95

Snowmen, $26.95

My Journey to Life, $19.95

A Nation Adrift, $19.95

Live to Forgive, $17.95

The Conspirator, $29.95

The Last Brickmaker in America, $19.95

The Fifth Quarter, $19.95

Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love, $19.95

Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms, $19.95

Saint Thomas More: My Catholic Family, $14.95

Saint Rose of Lima: My Catholic Family, $14.95

Saint Dominic Savio: My Catholic Family, $14.95

Saint Joseph: My Catholic Family, $14.95

Saint Catherine of Laboure: My Catholic Family, $14.95

Against All Odds, $16.95

Against All Odds: The Full Series, $39.95

Life-Giving Love, $19.95

Quo Vadis (Blu-Ray), $24.95

Hostia: The Power and Presence of the Eucharist, $19.95

Christians in Society, $29.95

I Do: Keys to a Happy Marriage, $24.95

The Culture of Life, $29.95

The Fugitive, $29.95 



Catholic Children's Classics, $16.95

Then Sings My Soul: The Best of The Priests, $15.95

Come Sunday, $17.95

Blessings, Peace, and Harmony, $15.95 




Crucifixion Masterpiece, $129.95


Audio Talk on CD

Vintage Sheen, $39.95


Packs/Combo Packs:

Cosmic Origins Standard Package, $199.00

Cosmic Origins Premiere Package, $399.00

Cosmic Origins Cosmic Package, $699.00

Courageous, Be a Man! and His Love Remains Combo Package, $49.95