Accompanying, Discerning, and Integrating; Granados, Kampowski, and Pérez-Soba, $17.95

Breaking Open the Bible, Fabre, $5.99

By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed, Bessette and Feser, $24.95

The Cardinal Müller Report, Müller with Granados, $17.95

Catholics and Protestants, Kreeft, $16.95

Characters of the Reformation, Belloc, $15.95

Compassionate Blood, Cessario, $12.95

Confession, Speyr, $14.95

Dating Detox, Cotter and Cotter, $14.95

Father Brown and the Ten Commandments, Chesterton and Peterson, $16.95

Fatima Mysteries, Gorny and Rosikon, $34.95

First Glance at Adrienne Von Speyr - 2nd Edition, von Balthasar, $15.95

Handmaid of the Lord - 2nd Edition, von Speyr, $15.95

The Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love, Stinissen $14.95

Joshua (CSB Series), Hahn and Mitch, $11.95

The Light Shines On in the Darkness, Spitzer, $19.95

Marian Veneration, Arinze, $14.95

Out of the Ashes, Esolen, $27.95

The Porn Myth, Fradd, $16.95

The Power of Silence, Sarah with Diat, $19.95

The Priest Barracks, Zeller, $16.95

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, S.J., Henderson, $16.95

Saint Mary Magdalene, Davidson, $16.95

Saint Paul (new softcover ed.), Benedict XVI, $14.95

Slaves in Paradise, García, $18.95

The Sleeping Witness, De Maria, $15.95

Sons of Saint Patrick, Marline and Miner, $34.95

Strangers in a Strange Land, Chaput, $26.00

That Nothing May Be Lost, Scalia, $16.95

Voyage to Alpha Centauri (new softcover ed.), O'Brien, $21.95

The Way of Beauty, Clayton, $17.95

The Way of Prayer, Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalene, O.C. D., $16.95

Who Am I to Judge, Sri, $16.95

Why I Don't Call Myself Gay, Mattson, $17.95

Woman Clothed with the Sun, Delaney, $14.95

YOUCAT and Tweeting with God Duo-Pack, $30.00

YOUCAT Bible, $24.95

Children's Books:

The Adventures of Loupio, Vol. 4, Kieffer, $6.99

Baptism Day, Roche, $6.99

The Catholic Faith from A to Z, de Mullenheim, $19.99

Hail Mary, Roche, $6.99

My Prayer Book, Tertrais, $14.99

Will Wilder: The Lost Staff of Wonders, Arroyo, $16.95 


Ben-Hur, $24.95

Brother Francis: Confirmation, $12.99

Brother Francis: Rosary Gift Set, $19.95

Films to Inspire Collection, $24.95

Greater, $24.95

Hacksaw Ridge, $24.95

I Am Not Ashamed, $24.95

Ignatius of Loyola, $24.95

The Inquisition, $19.95

The Investigator, $12.95

Jerome Lejeune, $17.95

The Messengers, $14.95

Miracles, $14.95

Pietra Fitness - Level 2, $19.95

Priceless, $28.95

Saint Bridget of Sweden, $19.95

The Shroud of Turin - New Expanded Edition (2 Discs), $24.95

To Every Nation, $14.95

To Joey, with Love, $16.95

Until Forever, $14.95

Voiceless, $16.95

Vulnerable, $15.95

Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?, $14.95

World Youth Day Krakow, $14.95


The Assumption, $16.95

Crying in the Chapel, Elvis Presley, $14.95

Requiem, $17.95

Requiem for My Mother, $15.95

Songs from Assisi, $16.95

Audio Drama:

The Trials of Saint Patrick, $29.95

Study Programs:

Lectio: Philippians

Lectio: Philippians - DVD Set, $59.95

Lectio: Philippians - Leader Guide, $34.95

Lectio: Philippians - Study Guide, $24.95

Lectio: Philippians - Leader Kit, $89.95

Lectio: Philippians - Participant Kit, $79.90 

True Reformers:

True Reformers - DVD Set, $59.95

True Reformers - Study Guide, $15.95

Who Am I to Judge?

Who Am I to Judge? - DVD Set, $49.95

Who Am I to Judge? - Leader Guide, $24.95

Who Am I to Judge? - Study Guide, $15.95  

Who Am I to Judge? - Leader Kit, $89.90

Who Am I to Judge? - Participant Kit, $59.95


Our Lady Fatima 100th Anniversary Commemorative Rosary, $14.95