The Day Is Now Far Spent

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In this powerful book by the acclaimed spiritual leader and best-selling writer, one he calls his "most important", he analyzes the profound spiritual, moral and political crisis in the contemporary world.  He says that he "considers that the decadence of our time has all the faces of mortal peril."

"At the root of the collapse of the West, there is a cultural identity crisis. The West no longer knows who it is, because it no longer knows and does not want to know who made it, who established it, as it was and as it is. Many countries today ignore their own history. This self-suffocation naturally leads to a decadence that opens the path to new, barbaric civilizations."

In these words, Cardinal Sarah summarizes the theme of his book. His finding is simple: our world is on the brink of the abyss. Crisis of faith and of the Church, decline of the West, betrayal by its elites, moral relativism, endless globalism, unbridled capitalism, new ideologies, political exhaustion, movements inspired by Islamist totalitarianism.... The time has come for an unflinching diagnosis.

While making clear the gravity of the crisis through which the West has gone, the Cardinal demonstrates that it is possible to avoid the hell of a world without God, a world without man, a world without hope.

After the great international success of his first two books, God or Nothing and The Power of Silence, Cardinal Sarah offers a wide-ranging reflection on the crisis of the contemporary world while teaching many important spiritual lessons.

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Robert Cardinal Sarah was born in Guinea, West Africa. Made an Archbishop by Pope John Paul II and a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, he was named the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments by Pope Francis in 2014. He is the author of God or Nothing.

Nicolas Diat

Nicolas Diat is a French journalist and author. His previous collaboration with Cardinal Sarah was on his book, God or Nothing.


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by Thierry
on 5/5/2019
from Greenville
The Bark of Peter still floating because Christ is in it in the middle of the storm
I am reading this book in french ( original). This is a must read if you want to understand what is happening with the Catholic church and actually do something about it.
Bottom line: Think about changing yourself and aim for sanctity (does not mean you are a saint) rather than being overly concerned about how to change the Church. This is Christ's job and even if we may question his choice of leaders at times ( look at the original 12: a traitor, uneducated cowards) it is His Church, the Bark of Peter still floating because Christ is in it in the middle of the storm even if he seems to be asleep at times!
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