The Regensburg Lecture

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The man who was simultaneously the Pope and the greatest living theologian is retiring, and he is joined in retirement by Fr. James Schall, S.J., the English-speaking world's greatest living Catholic essayist. This book is a collaboration by them on Pope Benedict's amazing Regensburg Lecture, which shocked the world (even to the point of rioting), was misread everywhere, and yet forthrightly dealt with the "unavoidable dilemma" of Islam needing to "re-Hellenize" in order to fulfill its promise as a "religion of peace." And Benedict did this all within the context of a renewal of Catholic mission and purpose in a secular and degenerating Europe. Fr. Schall's accessible, definitive explanation clarifies the meaning and importance of the Regensburg Lecture (the Lecture itself is included as an appendix) to restate the central role of reason in man's relationship with God.

Father Schall says in the Preface of the book, "When I first read this lecture, I knew something momentous had happened in the human mind. Something was said here that no one else had been saying. Sorting out what was spoken in Regensburg is, I think, an intellectual enterprise that awaits the attention of every person who is concerned about intelligence and truth and, indirectly, about their consequences in the realm of action. This lecture is one of the fundamental tractates of our time. It is almost the first one that really understands the fuller dimensions of what our time is intellectually about."

Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

James V. Schall, S.J., was a Professor of Political Philosophy from 1977 to 2012 at Georgetown University, where he received his Ph.D. in Political Th eory in 1960. Three times he was granted the Award for Faculty Excellence by the senior class at Georgetown’s College of Arts and Sciences. He wrote hundreds of essays and columns and more than thirty books, including On Islam, The Order of Things, and Another Sort of Learning from Ignatius Press.


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"Few people understand the importance of the Pope's lecture better than Fr. James Schall. I'd say he was a national resource, but he's actually a global resource."
- George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy Center

"Fr. James Schall provides a great service in bringing the Pope's argument into the foreground and providing a characteristically illuminating commentary on it."
- Robert George, Princeton University

". . . a wise and thoughtful thinking-through of the issues of one of the great speeches of our time. Fr. Schall puts it, and its issues, into large philosophical contexts, in a conversational rather than academic way."
- Peter Kreeft, Boston College

". . . not only clarifies what the pope meant to say about Islam and the West at Regensburg, it offers enlightenment about our deepest need at the moment - true wisdom."
- Robert Royal, Faith & Reason Institute

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