Group Study Uses for the Catholic Faith Explorers:

  • Sacramental prep for parents of baptismal, first Holy Communion, and Sacrament of Reconciliation candidates
  • Enhance RCIA programs
  • Advent and Lent sessions

Adult faith enrichment programs throughout the year

Each title provides everything needed to conduct 2 to 4-hours of group lessons or personal study and requires minimal leader preparation time. They explain Church teachings in a way that is easy to understand and talk about how to apply those teachings in daily life. Titles can be purchased individually to meet the specific needs of your parish community and can be used at any time of the year in a variety of settings. This way, it requires no long-term time commitment and busy adults can come to only those sessions of interest to them.

Catholic Faith Explorer materials can be facilitated by lay leaders in your parish.

The basic objectives of the Catholic Faith Explorers series:

  • Know Jesus: To provide opportunities to allow adults to learn more about Jesus and be in closer communion with him and his Church.
  • Catechesis: To encourage the laity to educate themselves in the truths of the faith using both Scripture and the teaching documents of the Church.
  • Fellowship: To foster small group fellowship at the parish level, making the laity not only active learners of the faith, but empowering them to articulate that faith to others both inside and outside the Catholic communion.
  • Lay Mission: To help laity implement the truths of the faith in their daily lives and view themselves as active partners in the mission of the Church.

Participant Workbooks include:

  • an easy-to-read presentation of the module topic with places to take notes during the session,
  • many photographs and graphics to bring the topic to life,
  • opportunities for further Bible and Catechism study at the session and at home
  • concrete suggestions for applying what we’ve learned in our life,
  • a resource list for other books and websites to learn more about the topic.

Leader’s Guides provide everything you need to run the session:

  • detailed guidelines for conducting 2- and 4-hour sessions,
  • a bulleted outline of the entire presentation for quick and effective facilitation of the workbook material,
  • overheads and a Power Point presentation for engaging presentations,
  • discussion guidelines to encourage participant interaction

The Leader's Guide also includes materials to promote the series:

  • sample public service announcements, press releases, and letters
  • reproducible materials to effectively promote the session:
    • flyers
    • advertisements
    • invitations