Catholic Faith Explorer workbooks are great for busy, adult Catholics interested in quickly learning more about the faith.

The workbooks in the Catholic Faith Explorer series are only 24-30 pages long and use everyday language to make learning more about our Catholic faith accessible to everyone. They can be purchased separately, so you can buy only those workbooks with topics of interest to you.

Each workbook provides a concise, yet complete presentation of the topic, including Bible and Catechism references, as well as a list of other books and websites for further study if you would like to dig deeper.

Most importantly, each workbook talks about how to apply and live your Catholic faith more fully in your daily life. As we learn more about the faith, we grow closer to Jesus and His Church. Then we are better equipped to explain the faith to others and become active partners in the mission of the Church.

The workbooks are filled with many photographs and graphics to bring the topic to life.