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“I read this book from cover to cover, in one sitting, in awe of what God was up to in these pages. Indivisible builds a sure bridge of faith and reason over which our country can walk, from our present state of confusion and peril into a new era of peace and prosperity. My friends James Robison and Jay Richards have given the Christian community—indeed, all of us—an invaluable
tool for hope.”
Fr. Jonathan Morris, Fox News Analyst and Author of The Promise

Indivisible can be a turning point in the moral, cultural, and economic decline of the United States – if its readers make it so. The authors – a leading Evangelical and a prominent Catholic – fairly and thoroughly lay out the fundamental principles without which family, freedom, and prosperity will virtually disappear in this country. If men and women of good will, aware of the historic challenges we face, cannot unite behind these principles – indivisibly social, moral, and economic – and elect leaders who will implement them, future generations will only know of the greatness of this nation as the fading story of a lost treasure.”
Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., Founder and Editor, Ignatius Press

“It is relatively easy to observe that our society is fast reaching a climactic moment. How
to discern a wise, credible, effective and prudent course of action to avoid disaster is not so easy to come across. Jay Richards and James Robison make an important contribution in pointing the way to avoid the worst effects of a coming cultural and economic tsunami.”
Fr. Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute

“In an era when Washington’s reach continues to exceed its grasp, Indivisible defines the right role of government, explains why social and fiscal conservatives should embrace both the morality of markets and the efficiency of the markets – and why doing so requires no simple act of faith.”
Arthur Brooks, President, American Enterprise Institute

“Rather than accept the common view that faith and politics are ever to be divided, James Robison and Jay Richards appeal convincingly to indivisible principles to show not only that our moral beliefs are compatible with a free market, but also that—now more than ever—religious believers and the advocates of economic freedom must work together to help get our country back on course.”
Matthew Spalding, Author, We Still Hold These Truths, Vice President of American Studies at The Heritage Foundation

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