Earn an accredited ASSOCIATES DEGREE BY 12TH GRADE and your BA a year later, for 1/6th the cost on campus, or Two Years (60-75 Credit Hours) Online College Credit, for High School and Home School students through the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program.

About the Liberal Studies Program

In 2010 Ignatius Press and the Angelicum Great Books Program joined educational forces to launch the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program (LSP), an online program of studies for college credit coordinating the best of home and distance learning with online classes. These courses are available starting in high school or home school. All courses are accepted at one or more accredited colleges and universities for full college credit. In 2016 Holy Apostles College joined with us to offer students the opportunity to earn an accredited Associate’s degree online by 12th grade.


Students in the Liberal Studies Program can begin earning up to 60 college credits (2 years of college) while in high or home school with the excellent, live, Angelicum Great Books Program (48 credit hours) and Fr. Fessio’s Theology Online courses (12 credit hours) — all of which have been recommended by the American Council for Education (ACE) for college credit. Nearly 2,000 colleges and universities are affiliated with ACE. Students can take solid, orthodox, Catholic undergraduate theology courses taught by Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, Th.D. — himself a student of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Students may begin LSP courses at age 14 (9th grade). Under the leadership of Ignatius Press founder and editor Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, as Chancellor, the Liberal Studies Program provides unrivaled educational opportunities for homeschoolers, students enrolled in traditional high schools and undergraduates — leading to various undergraduate degrees while students acquire the foundations for a Catholic, generalist education. LSP college credits are accepted at a large, growing list of colleges and universities.

LSP offers something unique among the many ways high school students can earn college credit — an online program specifically designed for Catholic students (but welcoming and open to all) who want to embark on acquiring a liberal education using the Great Books approach pioneered by the great philosopher, educator, and Catholic convert Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, supplemented with systematic Catholic theology courses taught by a renowned, faithful, and enthusiastic Catholic educator. Fr. Fessio has received the mandatum required for theology teachers.


In cooperation with Holy Apostles College Online, LSP students may earn their Associate’s degree by 12th grade. This “A.A. Track” begins as early as 9th grade (age 14) with the Angelicum Great Books program. In 11th and/or 12th grade A.A. Track students add five Holy Apostles College courses online, to complete their Associate of Arts degree.

Students who wish to obtain an Associate’s degree in Theology may substitute the LSP Theology Online courses by Fr. Joseph Fessio for the final year of the Angelicum Great Books courses.

Alternatively, students who complete both the Angelicum Great Books eight courses and the four Theology Online courses, and the five Holy Apostles online courses, to earn their Associate’s degree in either Arts or Theology, will have earned a total of 75 college credits, just 45 shy of a Bachelor’s degree (BA), which they may complete within one (1) year (e.g., 15 Summer credits; 15 Fall credits; 15 Spring credits = 45 credits) from Holy Apostles College & Seminary, either online or on campus.  A.A. FAQ page


As everyone now knows, the cost of a college education has grown exponentially in recent years. College seniors who borrow to finance their education now graduate with an average of c. $40,000 in debt — many exceed $100,000 — and student loan debt now tops credit card debt among Americans. The average age of persons with student loan debt is now 40 and rising. Tuition, fees and books with room and board at private, four-year colleges average over $45,000 per year — over $180,000 for a four-year degree (does not include any scholarships). An LSP BA is only $30,000!.

The modest costs of the Liberal Studies Program online, at a fraction of the expense of traditional college education are, for many families, the solution to soaring college costs. In the Liberal Studies Program, now in association with Holy Apostles College online, students can obtain college credits for about one sixth (1/6th) of the cost on campus. View at the comparison chart following:

Average Published Charges for Undergraduates at Four-Year Institutions by Control of Institution, 2016-17
Source: CollegeBoard (Enrollment-Weighted)
Type of Four-Year Institution Tuition Room & Board Total per Year 2-Year AA Total Cost 4-Year BA Total Cost
Public Two-Year (in District) $  3,520 $  8,060 $17,131 $23,160 $  63,340*
Public Four-Year (In-State) $  9,550 $10,440 $20,090 $40,180 $  80,360 
Public Four-Year (Out-of -State) $24,930 $10,440 $35,370 $70,740 $141,480 
Private Nonprofit Four-Year $33,480 $11,890 $45,370 $90,740 $181,480 
For Profit (nonresidential) $16,000 - $16,000 $32,000 $  48,000 
Liberal Studies Program (LSP) $  7,500 - $  7,500 $15,000 $  30,000 

Assumes 120 credit hours for bachelor’s degree. Does not include any scholarships.
*2 Years at Two-Year and 2 years at Public Four-Year (In-State).

Online classes begin the first week each September. Enroll now to reserve your desired class time. Asynchronous undergraduate courses begin anytime.

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The Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program ("LSP") does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status, or age in the administration of any of its employment, educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, recreational, and other LSP administered programs or activities.