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The Holy Face: The Face of Christ in the Cloth of Manoppello

The Holy Face: The Face of Christ in the Cloth of Manoppello

Two inspiring new documentary films on one DVD, The Holy Face and The Human Face of God, that tell about the discovery of the amazing relic of the Holy Face on a cloth revered in a Church in Manoppello, Italy. Paul Badde, author of the international best-selling book on the Veil of Manoppello, The Face of God is a featured spokesman in both films that takes us to the Church in Italy to see this amazing cloth up close, and to learn the mysterious history that surrounds it. Both films also feature other acclaimed experts on the holy cloth.

Based on the in-depth research Badde did for his book, these films reveal that experts have determined the cloth of Manoppello is not Veronica's veil, as some thought, but rather the face cloth laid over the face of Jesus in the tomb. Unlike the Shroud of Turin, which is a "negative" of the image, the image on the face cloth is a "positive" of the face of Christ. The fabric of this cloth is so thin and delicate that it is impossible to paint on-yet the image in Manoppello is clearly visible and, moreover, when laid over the image of the face on the Shroud of Turin forms a perfect match. Includes footage of Pope Benedict in Manoppello to honor this amazing relic.

Enjoy the thrilling journey of discovery as these films research this remarkable relic, tracing the turbulent history of the Holy Face from ancient times up to the historic 2006 visit to Manoppello by Pope Benedict XVI.


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