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The Loser Letters
A Comic Tale of Life, Death, and Atheism
by Mary Eberstadt

Indivisible - Catholic Edition
Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom Before It's Too Late
By Jay Richards and Bill Robison

Render Unto Caesar
Serving the Nation by Living
Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life
by Archbishop Charles Chaput

Christianity and Democracy
and The Rights of Man and Natural Law
by Jacques Maritain

Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures
by Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

We Still Hold These Truths
Rediscovering Our Principles,
Reclaiming Our Future
by Matthew Spalding

The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye-Opening Journey Across the Life Line
by Abby Johnson

Extreme Makeover
Women Transformed by Christ,
Not Conformed to the Culture
by Teresa Tomeo

Healing the Culture
A Commonsense Philosophy of Happiness, Freedom, and the Life Issues
by Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J.

What We Can't Not Know
A Guide
by J. Budziszewski

50 Questions on The Natural Law
What It Is and Why We Need It
by Charles E. Rice

Ten Universal Principles
A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues
by Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J.

Humane Vitae by Pope Paul VI

Why Humane Vitae Was Right
A Reader - Edited by Janet Smith

The Right to Privacy
Foreword by Robert Bork
by Janet Smith



"The federal government —our United States federal government—is currently pushing the views expressed in this book to the sidelines. Adam and Eve after the Pill is a protest vote—a first among many."
Kathryn Jean Lopez,
editor-at-large, National Review Online

"If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, this book will help women, men, and young adults connect the dots between the so called sexual revolution and a never ending list of societal ills."
Teresa Tomeo,
Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host 

"A compelling and provocative look at why an about-face is needed now to save Western Civilization from a cultural Doomsday."
— Johnnette S. Benkovic, Founder of Women of Grace®, Television & Radio Show Host, EWTN

"Through careful research and compelling arguments, Mary Eberstadt blows the lid off of the lies of the sexual revolution."
Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register blogger

"This is a brilliant, serious work of the kind we've needed for decades, and it's also entirely accessible, even winsome, in its prose."
Joseph Bottum 

Mary Eberstadt  is "intimidatingly intelligent".
George Will, The Washington Post

"Mary Eberstadt is our premier analyst of American cultural foibles and follies, with a keen eye for oddities that illuminate just how strange the country's moral culture has become."
George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy Center

"If you want to learn what the Pill and the ensuing sexual revolution really accomplished, you must
read Adam and Eve After the Pill."
Dr. Raymond Dennehy, University of San Francisco

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