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Catholic Book and Film Fair -- Build Your Own Fair!

What is Ignatius Press Night at the Movies?

This is an incredible opportunity to gather with friends, family, fellow parishioners, and neighbors — to reach out, teach the exciting truths of the Catholic Faith, get up close and personal with some extraordinary people, be entertained and, at the same time, raise funds for your very worthy cause!

Hundreds of churches, schools, and other organizations have already participated in the highly successful Ignatius Night at the Movies program. We invite you to join them!

Don't miss out this year! Check out our exciting movie packages and we'll see you at the movies!

NEW! Sign-Up Rewards Program

Movie Night hosts can earn free books just for allowing guests to sign up for Ignatius e-mails and FREE catalogs!

To download the Movie Nights Reward Form (PDF), click here, and to download the sign-up sheet (PDF), click here. It's easy!

How the Movie Nights Work

Ignatius Press will provide:

  1. One free DVD of the movie to use for showing from the package selected.
  2. The Site License giving you permission to show the movie in a public setting as many times as you wish for a full six months.
  3. Free publicity materials.
  4. Ongoing marketing staff support.
  5. DVDs of the movie you are showing for you to purchase and that you may sell or give away.
  6. The ability to purchase additional DVDs at a discount for the full 6 months of your site license agreement.
  7. Free shipping to send all materials to you (including additional DVD orders you place).

You will:

  1. Publicize the event in your area.
  2. Arrange for AV equipment and viewing hall.
  3. Sell tickets or take a free-will offering, if you wish, for which you will retain all proceeds.
  4. Provide a place to display and people to handle the resale of the additional Ignatius Press DVDs if you plan to sell them.
  5. Take orders for additional DVDs if you wish and deliver them or arrange for customers to pick them up. Additional DVDs ordered will be sent to the address provided for the original shipment.

If you have any questions please contact Diane, toll free: 866-431-1531 ext. 5; direct: 734-455-1973; or e-mail: .